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Gellings Implement is the leader in agricultural service. We have been in business a long time, and have seen them all, large and small. Servicing equipment is very important to your bottom line because a neglected machine can lead to down time resulting in lost profits. Our qualified staff of technicians have over 75 years of combined experience to better serve you. Some of our technicians are also certified in air conditioning, welding, and diesel mechanics to make Gellings Implement a one stop shop for all your farm equipment service needs. At Gellings Implement, we value our reputation for being a leader in service and being dedicated to our customers. That is why our technicians regularly attend product service training and new product introduction sessions. The new machines are getting more complex, therefore we are dedicated to staying on top of the ever changing technology in the agricultural business.

Contact Gellings Implement at (920) 477-5292 or toll free (877) 922-0676 for all of your Agricultural Equipment Repair needs.

Here are some helpful guidelines to extend the life of your tractor and the tractor parts.
  • Every use, check engine oil level; check hydraulic system(s) oil level(s); inspect tires for damage or wear; check coolant level; check seat belt; walk around tractor looking for damage; oil leaks, worn or damaged belts, worn or damaged hoses. Correct problems as required.
  • Every 50 hours, clean radiator screen if equipped; check and adjust tire pressure; check all switches; check all lights, especially if the tractor hasn't been run at night recently; check roll Over Protection System mount and hinge bolts. Correct problems as required.
  • Every 100 hours, perform 50-hour checks; check battery fluid level and adjust, grease all zerks (lubrication fittings); check and adjust clutch pedal play; check and adjust brake pedal(s) play; inspect air filter element - replace if disposable type, clean if permanent dry-type, clean and add fresh oil if permanent oil-bath type; check cooling fan (and/or other accessory) drive belt(s) condition and tension - replace if necessary; lubricate seat suspension, hood and access panel hinges and other similar areas with a few drops of oil or graphite.
  • Every 200 hours, perform 50- and 100-hour checks; change engine oil and replace oil filter; check steering linkage and front wheel alignment (measure toe-in with a tape measure); check transmission oil level (if different from hydraulic system); check front axle oil level (four-wheel-drive only).
  • Every 300 hours, perform 50- and 100-hour checks; change transmission fluid, clean hydraulic oil filter - replace element if replaceable type; change front axle fluid (four-wheel-drive) only); replace fuel filter(s) element(s); replace transmission fluid filter if so equipped.
  • Every 400 hours, perform 50-, 100- and 200-hour checks; check and adjust steering gear; replace steering gear fluid/lubricant if appropriate.
  • Every 1,000 hours or annually, replace coolant (check antifreeze performance at least once a year); wash the tractor, touch up any paint dings, and wax the sheet metal.

Gellings Implement is happy to offer emergency parts and service weekdays after 5:30pm and on weekends
during our SUMMER hours by calling our after-hours lines. Calling the after-hours lines will connect
you directly to a service technician or parts professional to help get you up and running.
Please be aware there are charges that will apply for after-hours parts or service.

After-Hours Parts: $40 flat fee
After-Hours Service Call: $200 flat fee for the 1st hour, & $150 for each additional hour.


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